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Is Blockchain Over-Hyped?

“Blockchain” is one of the most popular modern topics that people are searching these days – especially during the period of December 2017 – January 2018, when Bitcoin’s price hit a record of $20,000. This is no wonder, since blockchain is the technology that underlies…

Cryptocurrency Use In Singapore

Singapore is one of the many players in the world that are vying to become predominant blockchain tech hubs. Already, Singapore has a reputation for being progressive and innovation-friendly. Also, the country boasts of being a global trade and finance epicenter. All these combined with…

Cryptocurrency Slang

Yo, welcome homie to our dank new infographic about cryptocurrency slang, prep to have your mind blown by these totally stellar code words in the crypto hood. Now, please as we’ll brb with our normal tone of voice.  Yes, that’s right,  it’s cryptocurrency slang time….