About us
01. welcome

DinarDirham registered in Hong Kong with office located in Malaysia

Our Development Team multi-national located in Singapore., Malaysia, Thailand, Romania, Russia and China consists of multi-national professionals in software development, business, internet marketing field & blockchain.

02. Benefits

DinarDirham Benefits


Multiple payment options using digital gold, cryptos, & fiat.


Send money around the world in just a few moments


All DinarCoins are recorded on the Ethereum platform.

Low Cost

Low operational and liquidity costs.


Created using Blockchain technology.


Based on digital equivalent of 4.25g of 999.9$ pure gold.


DNC Web Wallet % BCMY Mobile Apps.

Physical Gold

Provided by Physical Gold Provider (Harimau Mint Gold)
03. Power


Gold is independent of the financial system, and its worth is underwritten by 5,000 years of human experience. Gold cannot be inflated by printing more of it. It cannot be devalued by central banks, and unlike paper currency, it is an asset which does not depend upon anybody's promise to pay. Portability and anonymity of gold are both important, but the most significant fact is that gold is nobody’s liability.

04. Security


Blockchain can be read by anyone & anywhere in the world. They can see all valid transactions added on the Blockchain & participate in the consensus process of determining the blocks to be added to the chain and it’s current state.

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06. Technology


We established close relationships with technology companies, prime brokers, and digital currency, gold, & precious metals investors around the world. All metals issued on our platform are bridged 100% in a transparent and automatic way to prime brokers and our liquidity providers, thus DinarCoin's value will be pegged to the real-time value of gold's spot price, and will be much more stable than traditional cryptocurrencies..


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07. Products

DinarDirham Products

DinarCoin is a slick CRYPTOASSET that’s pegged to the price of gold and hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. Each token is worth 4.25 gram of 999.9% pure gold, and is equal to a gold spot contract (XAU) from our forex liquidity provider. With DNC, you can send digital gold anywhere in the world in a moment, and can redeem them for gold at Physical Gold Provider (Harimau Mint Gold).

Harimau Mint Gold

Easily redeem/exchange into Physical gold and provide high quality gold coin with various weights which 0.5g, 1g and 5g.

This is an advanced and secure digital wallet app which uses Bitgo security, designed for both novices and experts. It’s safe, secure, easy to use, and rich with features and flexible payment options (including by card). You can use, trade, & store multiple cryptocurrencies, including: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Ripple, DinarCoin, and Gold Smart Contracts. Enjoy our P2P user chat option, our merchant map, and much more, including becoming a merchant on the app yourself.

09. Charts

Gold Price Charts

10. News


Gold Meets Blockchain Technology

In a digital age, it was inevitable that people would try to create a digital currency. On the other hand, in the real or physical world, it was also inevitable that people would want to continue having physical wealth in their hands. For centuries, people have relied on gold as a main source of storing their wealth. Gold tends to…

One Wallet To Rule Them All

Ok, so the title may be exaggerated, but it’s one that Gandalf would be proud of. We must take this wallet to the top of Mount Fintech, and cast it into the hands of the users for whence it was made! Oh, sorry. If you haven’t guessed already, this article is about the new DinarDirham Wallet, otherwise known as the…

DinarDirham & The 4th China Forex Expo 2016

Expos are a great way to make one’s presence, services, and products known to a particular audience. And the China Forex Expo is no different. Last month, the China Forex  Expo in Schenzen celebrated it’s 4th gathering. A two day event from October 28th – October 29th. The Expo has long been gathering the best in the Fintech industry, and…

Blockchain: Money Conference – London England

Part of the elongated hall at the Blockchain: Money Conference in London, England. Photo courtesy of news.bitcoin.com On November 6th-7th of 2016, the Blockchain: Money Conference was held in London, England, just outside of the Bishop’s Gate. Among the participants of the conference were Cryptoverse, Bitcoin, Airbitz, Genesis,, Augur, Bitfury, Circle, and DinarDirham, to name a few. DinarDirham was pleased…

Special Announcement

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all DinarDirham supporters and believers. We have around 43 days left to 2017. In 2016, DinarDirham through its innovative products, has received many awards and recognitions from countries around the globe especially in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. This achievement is a result of the strong commitment from the DinarDirham team as…

On Forex and Digital currencies

“The forex market is the largest and most liquid market in the world” says investopedia.com, and they’re not the only ones to say so. It makes sense since the Forex Market is open 24/7, no opening or closing hours, and with all of the currencies that can be traded, and the very nature of fiat currencies, there’s constant ebs and…