01. overview

What is DinarDirham?

DinarDirham is a gold and blockchain-focused, global FinTech company that has spent the last few years building trading and investment solutions for our growing customer base. We believe our products can help you diversify your portfolio, and can make your personal finances much more flexible. We’ve travelled the globe going to some of the biggest cryptocurrency and blockchain events in the world promoting our products, being sponsors, giving presentation talks, and discussing the industry in panel discussions.

Our global partners range from blockchain experts to gold liquidity providers. Our products include the DinarCoin (a gold price-based cryptocurrency), Gold Smart Contracts (smart contracts representing ownership of an amount of specified gold or silver bullion), DinarDirham Physical Gold (our own branded and certified gold bullion), the DinarDirham Wallet (our basic multi-asset wallet), and the Blockchains.my (BCMY) Digital Wallet App (our advanced multi-asset wallet). Rumour has it, that we’re even getting ready to launch a DPoS based platform and token 😉

We have offices in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and soon in Dubai, and our teams are composed of professionals from around the world, experts in a broad range of technical fields. Overall, our main goal for the next few years is to become the #1 gold and blockchain investment solutions provider, accessible worldwide.