Stelian Balta, the appointed CEO of DinarDirham at the beginning of 2016, has resigned last year from his position, having helped the fledgling startup launch in early 2016.

Why leave so quickly? It boils down to one thing: he’s an entrepreneur at heart, who enjoys starting things, getting them going and then letting them fly on their own. And he feels that the company has reached that point.

Balta got involved in the blockchain industry in 2013, when he says the most notable event of his career took place: he discovered bitcoin. Since then, he managed a multi million dollar portfolio of digital assets for important investors from Asia, USA and Europe and built technology products for the blockchain ecosystem. He got involved with DinarDirham when Arai Ezzra, the founder and inventor of the DinarDirham FinTech company, had shown him the big potential of the South East Asian market, and had come up with the idea of changing how gold and blockchain technology could be mixed together.

As Founder and Managing Partner at HyperChain Capital, one of the first digital assets hedge fund in the world, Balta said that his next tech project will be in the blockchain industry along with managing a multi-million dollar portfolio of digital assets for his investors and helping entrepreneurs launch successful businesses.

“Without persistence, you cannot grow a business and take it to the next level, implying that you must face all obstacles which startups encounter. You have to fail fast to test a business idea and move on. Focus is also important because without it, you are not staying on the path that leads you to success because you get so many distractions every day.” ~Stelian Balta

He went on to say that his decision was also mainly influenced by the growth of the industry, especially in Asia.

We certainly look forward to hearing of new developments from both Balta and DinarDirham as time moves forward.

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