We’re pleased to bring you our latest infographic entitled: Gold In Industry. Here, you’ll learn the basics of just how diverse and useful this shiny yellow metal is, and not just for jewelry and bullion. In fact, gold is also used in the electronics industry, in medical and health, and even in space! We’ll start you off with a few simple facts about gold’s history, reaching far back as ancient Egypt, going through the California gold rush in the 1800’s, the Great Depression, and finally 1971, when the dollar became the financial instrument to which the value of gold was determined.  

Next, the infographic shows you four major industries that gold plays a part in and facts pertaining to each one. For example, did you know that due to gold’s longevity, corrosion resistance, stability, and conductivity, it’s often used in electrical devices? Or that it has played a significant role in the medical world, including in dental fillings all the way back in 700 B.C. Or that gold has actually been used as a building material? Or that this precious metal is extensively used in the Aerospace industry? You’ll learn all that and more, including how much gold is used in different industries.

You’ll also learn about the many benefits that gold brings to the four industries mentioned above. Such as its reflectivity of UV radiation, its conductivity, its melting point, and its high malleability, among other traits.

But, as with most things, there are some drawbacks to using gold in the various industries, which are not on the part of the metal’s inward qualities, but rather on outward circumstances, such as high prices and the work of mining, etc. which we cover in the infographic.

Lastly, the infographic also comments on gold in future industry, including the benefits of when gold is combined with blockchain technology. For example, did you know that with blockchain tech, gold’s value can be stored and used for quick and easy global transactions, without transaction or administration fees? Learn that and more below.

We hope you enjoy the infographic,
The DinarDirham team.

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