Welcome to our infographic about Gold In Space! Gold is an amazing precious metal, and it turns out that its many physical attributes make it an ideal metal for use in space. From space helmets to satellites, gold’s a well-used product in space. In this infographic, we’ll cover the following topics: Aerospace Gold, The Expanding Uses Of Gold, Metal Satellite Plating With Gold, Scientists Use Gold To Make Thermal Camouflage, A Gold Rush In Space, and DinarCoins. Gold is one asset which is accelerating big steps for mankind.

The first topic we talk about is “Aerospace Gold”, what is it exactly? You’ll learn that it’s gold consumed by the aerospace industry and especially gold which ends up in outer space. You’ll also learn some basic facts about gold, as well as why specifically it’s used in the aerospace industry. Gold’s abilities to reflect radiation from outer space, and to be applied in extremely thin layers make it ideal for the aerospace industry. Gold can even be used as a type of lubricant, believe it or not, among other useful traits.

Next, the infographic talks about the expanding uses of gold. You’ll learn things such as that gold is used in nearly every electronic device (for the electrical connections) that cannot afford to fail, and that gold is used to treat some medical conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis and lagophthalmos. Things like how gold is used in dentistry and glassmaking, and how its used for green technology, and even how some scientists in Australia have created a substance with the help of gold that may help with invisibility cloaks in the future.

After that, we talk about metal satellite plating with gold. Learn the many different reasons why gold is preferred for plating satellites for protection in space, as well as for other things, like space helmet visors, telescope materials, and more. This section also gives lots of facts about satellites. For example, did you know that in 2017 there were about 4,635 known/disclosed satellites orbiting the planet? Or that the oldest active (and known/disclosed) satellite is the Amsat-Oscar 7 communications satellite (launched around 43 years ago on November 15th, 1974)?  

From there, the infographic talks about scientists who have used gold to make thermal camouflage. You’ll learn things about the discovery such as who was involved, how they achieved the feat, and what the material is made of.

Next, we discuss the gold rush in space. We talk about facts like that several private and publicly funded companies are trying to be the first to mine space rocks for precious resources, including NASA. You’ll learn how NASA estimates that the total value of resources locked up in asteroids is equivalent to $100 billion (£75 billion) for each person on Earth. We discuss a company, projects, and a potentially valuable object in space in this section.

Finally, we discuss our company, DinarDirham, and our DinarCoins.

Hope you enjoy the infographic below.
The DinarDirham team.

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