Are you ready to rock! The iFX EXPO is taking place on Feb 21 – 23, 2017, in Hong Kong, China! What is the IFX EXPO, you ask? It’s only:


… according to the event website’s introduction video. And that’s not all. According the same video, the event:

-Will host thousands of attendees (with a 25% year on year increase)!

-Has hundreds of brokers from across the globe!

-Focusses on networking and building valuable connections!

-Celebrates success with the best mix of business and pleasure!

-Gives insights from the industry’s local leading professionals!

This is the event to be at for 2017 for meeting with like-minded individuals, business owners, new technology, and investors, especially in the Asian and Chinese markets. And DinarDirham is pleased to announce that we will not only be attending this massive event, but that our CTO and Co-Founder, Arai Ezzra, will also be giving a workshop AND will be 1 of 3 speakers in a Panel session during the 3 day expo (1st day only being a welcome party and badge pick up in the evening).

The Workshop, titled: “BLOCKCHAIN, SOLUTION FOR GOLD” will take place from 11:30am – 12:00pm on Feb. 23. It will be the 3rd presentation of the day, just before the lunch break. It will be an introduction about gold with it’s problems and solutions that are present in the market. Join us there to discover how blockchain technology has been implemented into our products to provide innovative solutions to gold market problems. Arai will also share what DinarDirham can do for you, as well as what we see in the future concerning our digital gold solution.

The Panel, titled: “MAKING SENSE OF THE CHINESE MARKET STRUCTURE” will take place from 13:00pm – 13:45pm on Feb. 23 (same day AFTER lunch). The panel speakers will include Andrew Lane, Jack C. Liu, and Arai Ezzra. The Chinese market remains an attractive goal for many retail brokers, but they may not know the ecosystem as well as they should. Thus, the panel discussion will survey the various financial services on offer, and will allow a glimpse of the hottest assets and market trends that matter the most for Chinese retail investors.

Additionally, DinarDirham will also hold a booth in the exhibition area, we’d love to meet you there! So please stop by, say hello, and check out some of our products on display. We’d love to meet you there!

Much of the information for this article was provided by, check them out for more information about the event.

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Thank you for very much, we hope you enjoyed this announcement, we hope to see you at the event, and keep an eye out for the next article!

See you soon,
The DinarDirham Team.

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