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DinarDirham’s official website,, has been included in the “List of Unauthorised Companies and Websites” published by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) dated 9th January 2017. In this list, is listed under an entity named Dinar Dirham Global with its website, . We investigated further and found that Dinar Dirham Global is illegally using DinarDirham brand for their personal profit. We would like to clarify that DinarDirham does not have any relation with Dinar Dirham Global. Although we have registered DinarDirham’s name and logo as our trademark at the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (myIPO), we are not capable to completely supervise their unauthorised use by irresponsible parties. But once discovered, a serious legal action will be taken towards them.

We would like to inform that we did not receive any official information or inquiry from Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM). However, we appreciate their authority in monitoring every financial activity in Malaysia and alerting consumers of any suspicious occurrences. Therefore, we are taking this issue seriously and is currently in the process to request BNM to remove our official website from the list. We are ready to assist and collaborate with BNM to overcome this issue.

We would like to emphasize that DinarDirham is registered in Hong Kong under its operational company, Gold Prime Technology Limited (Company Registration Number: 2325446). It has been our top concern to be regularized when entering market in any country, including Malaysia. We have appointed a legal representative in Malaysia to operate the trading process of certain DinarDirham’s products. It is Koperasi DinarDirham Berhad (KODINAR), registered under Malaysia Co-operative Societies Commission (SKM). KODINAR firmly complies every regulations and guidelines govern by SKM.

We are aware of parties who spread incorrect claims and assumptions regarding DinarDirham. There is no doubt that the technologies we are carrying; blockchain and cryptocurrency, have just emerged and only a few is able to grasp the concept on how they work. We will be glad to educate and present them to those who are still clueless about DinarDirham and our technology. We wish to collaborate with any organisation in order to achieve this mission. Besides that, we warmly welcome everyone to our gallery located at KODINAR’s building to get an insight on DinarDirham rather than spreading inaccurate information about us. On the other hand, we advise consumers to beware of individuals or entities using our brand for their personal benefits. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you suspect any individual, company or website abusing DinarDirham’s name and logo. For future updates on our products, please visit DinarDirham’s official website, or KODINAR’s official website, . For the latest updates on our activity, please like and follow our Facebook Page: .

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