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Singapore, a city state of South East Asia, home of the strangely unique Lion Fish, their national symbol, has recently conducted it’s inaugural “Singapore Fintech Festival” for 2016. The festival was held in the bustling city/nation of Singapore, and was hosted by MAS (the Monetary Authority of Singapore), in cooperation with ABS (the Association of Banks in Singapore), and brought together a series of unique Fintech events for a week (from the 14th-18th of Nov).

Key Sponsors of the Festival included Mastercard, Deloitte, V-Key, Citibank, MUFG, and UOB.

So how big was the event? Well, with nearly 11,000 registered participants, MAS wrote on their main website the following statements:

The Festival begins today with the island-wide Innovation Lab Crawl, where more than 20 innovation labs across Singapore will demonstrate their solutions and offer visitors a glimpse into the future of finance.”

“The Festival will also feature three conferences, where participants will hear from over 100 renowned executives, venture capitalists and market specialists from leading financial institutions and FinTech companies…”

“… participants will also be able to visit the complementary FinTech Exhibition to be held at the Singapore Expo. The booths, helmed by over 70 financial institutions and FinTech companies, will allow participants to explore, experiment and experience innovative technological solutions.”

Dinar Dirham was pleased to be part of this amazing festival by taking part in the FinTech Exhibition and displaying our products for giants in the industry to see and connect with.

fintech2Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum and Bitcoin magazine holding one of our products.

The Festival began with the Innovation Lab Crawl, where 20 Singaporean innovation labs demonstrated their technology for the future of finance to the public.

It was followed by a highlight of the event: the Hackcelerator Demo Day (15th of Nov), which brought together 20 different teams from over 650 world-wide submissions to demonstrate their solutions to solve 100 problem statements that were collected from the financial industry.

The 17th of November held the FinTech Awards, which gave out awards to innovative FinTech solutions that have already been implemented throughout the fintech, technology, and financial industries.

Three conferences were also held during the Festival, including: The Fintech Conference, The ABS-MAS Tech Risk Conference, and the ABS-MAS RegTech Forum. These conferences featured over 100 well-known venture capitalists, executives, and market specialists, who covered topics such as the latest technologies, market ready and future solutions, worldwide FinTech trends, technology risks, and financial regulations. To learn more about these events, you can see the official website here.

Complementing the FinTech Conference was the FinTech Exhibition at the Singapore Expo. Booths with companies such as ourselves were present, representing innovative technological solutions from Fintech companies and Financial institutions from around the world.

The Singapore Fintech Festival was one of the largest events of it’s kind ever organized. It helped companies come together and share their technology with the world and each other. DinarDirham was pleased to take part in this industry shaking conference, and to be a small part of helping to transform the financial markets of the future.

You can learn more details about the partnerships that were announced during the conference by visiting this link, and other details by visiting the “Additional Resources” at the bottom of this article.

We look forward to the next Singapore Fintech Conference, and we hope you can join us on our next expo, festival, or conference we participate in, and be part of the experience. If you can’t make it, and/or if you’d like to keep up with what DinarDirham is doing, then we invite you to be part of our experience by following us on one of our many DinarDirham channels, including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, WeChat (ID: DinarDirhamCom), Telegram, and/or Youtube.

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