Ok, so the title may be exaggerated, but it’s one that Gandalf would be proud of. We must take this wallet to the top of Mount Fintech, and cast it into the hands of the users for whence it was made! Oh, sorry. If you haven’t guessed already, this article is about the new DinarDirham Wallet, otherwise known as the Universal Bitcoin Wallet (now in Beta), which we’re so excited to be announcing! DinarDirham has been built on the Ethereum platform and has created a digital currency (DinarCoin) which is inseparably connected to the gold spot price (gold price today) worldwide, thus helping to solve the digital currency volatility issue that plagues many digital currencies, and offers users a more stable way to store and receive their wealth digitally. You can read more about the DinarDirham concept in our whitepaper. DinarDirham offers a few different products, and if you’re going to consider using, then you probably want to check our new product: the DinarDirham Wallet.

Now, the DinarDirham Wallet is a digital wallet, also known as an eWallet or a digital currency wallet. If you don’t know what a digital wallet is, then read this article here. The DinarDirham Wallet will be able to hold, trade, and use not only it’s own gold-backed digital assets (DinarCoins and Gold Smart Contracts), but will also be able to do the same with already well established digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, and zCash (not gold-backed). The DinarDirham Wallet will be available as a web wallet (available on web browsers), and works on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Probably the most important feature of this wallet is it’s inherent ability to use and compliment your DinarCoins, which as you know are 100% backed by the global gold spot price. The wallet was created with this in mind. You’ll be able to buy or sell DinarCoins from/to other users, mint new DinarCoins from our liquidity providers, trade DinarCoins on digital currency exchanges, accept DinarCoins as payment for goods and services, and use DinarCoins to trade on forex trading and margin trading. You get to do all that with actual gold in a digital format!

Keeping a DinarCoin in your DinarDirham Wallet is like keeping a gold bar in your pocket, but in a secure digital wallet, that’s accessible worldwide in a matter of minutes. For the first time in history, anyone can save privately-owned gold, and store physical gold in the form of a secure digital currency and using our digital currency wallet. Your gold meets our technology.

Wallet Description and Specs:

  • How user’s private keys are handled:
    You control your private keys.
  • Operating systems the wallet works on:
    For now it’s only available in web browsers, so it works on most OS.
  • Currencies / coins / (Gold Smart Contracts) / etc. that can be stored, traded, and used in the wallet:
    DNC, GSC, BTC, ETH (coming soon ZEC).
  • Level of anonymity a user will have while using the wallet based on high, medium, or low:
    Medium (because there will be a marketplace where users can trade/buy/sell with other members).
  • Ease of the system and interface for users to use based on easy, average, or difficult:
  • Extra features included with the wallet:

1) There’s an exchange function for BTC, ETH, DNC, GSC, and ZEC.

2) Our own VISA debit card that’s linked directly to each asset, which can be withdraw Through an ATM or used as credit card payment with any VISA merchant.

3) With the exchange function in the wallet, BTC, ETH, and ZEC can be exchanged to DNC or GSC which can be redeemed to physical gold at the DinarDirham Gold Gallery in Kuala Lumpur.

4) In the future, we will have a merchant payment system for sellers to accept payments from customers using BTC, ETH, DNC, GSC, and ZEC.

5) With the function of DNC being able to exchange into BTC at real time, it means that whatever BTC can be used for all over the world will be the same for DNC.

  • Hierarchical Deterministic → NO
    Multi-Signature → at this moment NO in future, YES
    Open Source →  at this moment NO, in future YES
    2 Factor Authentication → YES
  • Programming / code language used for this wallet:
    Java / Nodejs

… and there you have it.

In closing, choosing the right digital wallet can be quite a hassle, and with so many options out there, who are we to say “choose our wallet” – there are so many pros and cons to sift through. Of course, none of these other options will have the stability of being able to store, use, and trade with the gold-backed DinarCoin or Gold Smart Contracts as the DinarDirham Wallet can do. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of being able to use this wallet with the common digital currencies Bitcoin, Ether, and zCash as well. As a web wallet, you’ll have the flexibility of using it on multiple devices. And you’ll be able to use this wallet as a means of payment as a trading instrument. And you’ll be doing all this with what is essentially digital gold… literally.

Our Conclusion:
One more thing to consider is the very reason that DinarDirham invented it’s gold-backed digital currency: the stability and anti-inflation of an altcoin by being inseparably connected to the value of a valuable physical commodity. And so, while you’re other cryptocurrencies are in constant danger of the evil Monster of Volatility hiding deep in the shadows of a thousand other wallet choices, and unstable fiat goblins and orcs of inflation surround you and your assets… Gandalf stands by the DinarDirham Wallet and the DinarCoin, holds his staff of stability in the air, and shouts to the monster: “YOOOOUUU SHALL NOOOOOT PAAAAAAASSSSS!!!” Yep, it’s safer to be on our side… and a whole lot cooler. Spread this Dinar news of digital gold money, and the wallet that can wield it.



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    I Stand Beside You Gandalf!

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    Wonderfully witty article. Thanks for sharing!

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    Super cool.

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    Oh man. I’m definitely going to use this.

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